Tuesday Tips: Remodel or Relocate?


The Sue Prins Group had a booth at the Grand Rapids Remodeling and New Homes Show last weekend and our goal was to help people with a big question that many homeowners have -  Remodel or Relocate? Are you debating this dilemma yourself? Well we can help you! First: We would ask the question, what you like or don't you like about your home?  Some of the negatives can be changed by remodeling and renovating. Some changes may be too expensive to make, or ones that you cannot change (location). If you can make your home better by remodeling, we like to help you research and obtain estimates of how much the changes would cost, and if they will make sense for you financially. Second: We conduct a market analysis on your home. We can look at how much your home would sell at it's current state, and then how much you could sell your home with the new renovations. This will help guide you as to not go overboard on cost with any renovations. If you have decided that relocating is better … [Read more...]

Remodeling and New Homes Show & Wood Tv’s Eight West


The Sue Prins Group is very excited for this weekend as we will have a booth at the Remodeling and New Homes show! We are hoping for a great turn-out, and hope that you will come visit us! It will be at the Devos Place from January 6th-8th (Friday through Sunday). We are also very excited to announce that Wood TV's Eight West will be interviewing us on Friday to talk about how the Sue Prins Group operates and goes to work for our clients! Click below to access more information about the show! CLICK HERE … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Fun and Unique Gifts for Your Host or Hostess

© O'Malley King

We cannot believe that Christmas is just 19 days away! This year has gone by very fast, and as we reflect back, we have lots to be thankful for. This week we wanted to give you some Christmas inspiration by offering up some fun and unique ideas for whomever is hosting your party. Some of you may think hostess gifts are a thing of the past, but when you host a party of your own, it's a nice surprise when your guests come in with a little something to thank you for hosting. Below are some fun ideas for you! Click on all the links to view where to buy these items Felt Soap: This is so fun for the kitchen, and something your friends and family have probably never seen before! Funny Hand Towels: Make your guests laugh with these funny holiday hand towels. Check out the Get Stuffed towel, and we as the Whip It towel. Super Soft Throw Blanket: Who wouldn't want to cuddle up on the couch with this warm and fluffy blanket. Your host will be very grateful to receive this throw. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Christmas Tree Safety


We want everyone to stay safe this year for Christmas, so we decided this week would be a great week to go over some safety tips for trees, lights, and candles. Watch a live Christmas tree fire demonstration on the Today Show. Picking a Tree: If decorating with a real tree, make sure to pick a very fresh tree, or one that has just been cut down. If going to a Christmas tree lot, ask when the trees were cut down, and check if they have been in water. Placement: Place tree away from heat sources (fireplaces, radiators, candles, vents, etc) WATER: Make sure your tree always has water,. The more dried out it gets, the more dangerous it is. Check the water level on a daily basis. Lights: Make sure your lights are working properly and are not damaged (frayed or worn). All sockets should be filled with a bulb & do not connect more than 3 strands of mini lights together. Candles: Keep candles away from trees or garland, and never leave them unattended. Lights Off: … [Read more...]