Tips & Advice for Selling Your Michigan Home

Most homeowners putting a home up for sale are aware of the basic steps required: getting a home analysis, determining the best selling price and listing it with the MLS. Facilitating a successful home sale in Michigan’s current real estate market, however, involves much more than these basic steps!

With so many short sales, foreclosures and distressed property listings on the market today, home sellers and real estate agents need a new game plan. The current real estate market has brought about a decline in property value for many homes, which means home sellers and real estate agents need to be on top of their game to make home sales that are timely and at top dollar.

But home sellers, don’t despair! There are plenty of actions you can take to ensure you get the best price and a speedy sale for your home. These are a few actions we encourage all the home sellers we work with to take:

  • Have a thorough market analysis performed on your home. A qualified realtor can do this (often free of charge), or you may hire an appraiser. It’s always a good idea to get a second or even third opinion on your home’s recommended selling price; comparing multiple opinions and analysis data will help you (and your realtor) get the most accurate estimate possible.
  • Choose a realtor with an aggressive marketing plan, one which offers a high level of online exposure for your home, above and beyond the exposure local MLS listings offer. This added visibility will help your home’s listing be much more competitive – a key ingredient to successful sales in a down market.
  • Choose a realtor who is engaged in social media as part of their marketing plan. Social media involvement will offer greater opportunities for your listing to be exposed to targeted communities.
  • Hire a realtor who you feel comfortable developing a relationship with. The process of selling a home can have many challenges, and it’s important to feel confident that your agent is always looking out for your best interest.
  • Be sure to ask for clarification if you don’t understand any aspects of the listing agreement you’re signing. The listing agreement is a binding contract, and it’s important that both you and your agent enter into the agreement with a full understanding of what you the seller want, and what your responsibilities to the contract are.
  • Disclose, disclose, disclose! It’s far better to disclose known problems with the property than to withhold information which may cause harmful consequences after a purchase.
  • Prepare the home well in advance for showings. A clean, staged, uncluttered home will sell more quickly and at a higher price than an unprepared home every time. Your real estate agent should be able to guide you in properly preparing your home for showings.
  • Work with your realtor as a team! When a showing is requested, do your best to make the most of the showing by having it well prepared and leaving while it’s being shown. Being present during showings cause potential buyers to have more anxiety, and having your home adequately prepared will make it feel more comfortable and inviting.

Have more questions about selling a home in Michigan? Contact Sue Prins today, or read more advice for home sellers on our Real Estate Blog.