Tuesday Tips: Fun and Unique Gifts for Your Host or Hostess

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We cannot believe that Christmas is just 19 days away! This year has gone by very fast, and as we reflect back, we have lots to be thankful for. This week we wanted to give you some Christmas inspiration by offering up some fun and unique ideas for whomever is hosting your party. Some of you may think hostess gifts are a thing of the past, but when you host a party of your own, it's a nice surprise when your guests come in with a little something to thank you for hosting. Below are some fun ideas for you! Click on all the links to view where to buy these items Felt Soap: This is so fun for the kitchen, and something your friends and family have probably never seen before! Funny Hand Towels: Make your guests laugh with these funny holiday hand towels. Check out the Get Stuffed towel, and we as the Whip It towel. Super Soft Throw Blanket: Who wouldn't want to cuddle up on the couch with this warm and fluffy blanket. Your host will be very grateful to receive this throw. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Christmas Tree Safety


We want everyone to stay safe this year for Christmas, so we decided this week would be a great week to go over some safety tips for trees, lights, and candles. Watch a live Christmas tree fire demonstration on the Today Show. Picking a Tree: If decorating with a real tree, make sure to pick a very fresh tree, or one that has just been cut down. If going to a Christmas tree lot, ask when the trees were cut down, and check if they have been in water. Placement: Place tree away from heat sources (fireplaces, radiators, candles, vents, etc) WATER: Make sure your tree always has water,. The more dried out it gets, the more dangerous it is. Check the water level on a daily basis. Lights: Make sure your lights are working properly and are not damaged (frayed or worn). All sockets should be filled with a bulb & do not connect more than 3 strands of mini lights together. Candles: Keep candles away from trees or garland, and never leave them unattended. Lights Off: … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Give Your Home Better Curb Appeal


Is the outside of your home looking a little tired? Are you feeling like it needs a change or a face lift? Our team has come up with several ways to make your home stand out and have more curb appeal.  These changes can easily be done on a budget! Paint the front door, trim, and shutters: When picking out a new paint color for your door, GO BOLD! This makes your house "pop" and can really change the look of your whole house. But make sure that the color you choose matches your home and are of the same color scheme.  Liven up the color of your trim & shutters with either going light to dark, or possibly from dark to light.  Hint: talk to your local paint store professionals to discover what colors are "in" right now. Install new house numbers: A unique way to jazz up your house numbers is to mount them on a wood board, or metal sheet before installing them on your home. If there is extra room you can even add something like a small floral or greenery planter box under it. … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Foundation Cracks


With all this rain we have been getting and the snow coming soon, now is a great time to talk about foundation cracks: the good, the bad, and the ugly. The Good: There aren't any good cracks, however, there are common cracks that are easier to fix than others. Michigan soil creates lots of settling, so it's very common to see small cracks in the floors of your basement. Unless there is a large change in elevation, these are cracks that shouldn't give you any issues with water, moisture, etc. The Bad: Vertical cracks are a little more concerning.  In Michigan it is very common to see them stemming from basement windows. These vertical cracks tend to allow water or moisture through them into your basement. Vertical cracks aren't "the ugly" because most often the are less expensive to fix than a horizontal crack repair. Contractors will drill holes on either side of the crack and pump the holes with an epoxy. This allows the epoxy to fill in all cracks and fissures, hold out water … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Why a Buyer’s Agent is the Smart Choice


Are you thinking about purchasing a home? Have you debated whether to try purchasing a house by yourself, use a buyers agent, or have you thought about just talking to the listing agent? Below are a couple key points to remember when you are deciding who you want to help you purchase your home. Free of Charge: Not many buyers realize that the Sellers of a property pay the buyers agent's commission. This means, you will not be paying your buyers agent, unless you have signed a contract with them that specifies a different way of compensation. Negotiating: We are experts at negotiating. I think buyers forget that Realtors are negotiating on a daily basis if they are a full time agent. Full time agents, like the Sue Prins Group, have been taking classes, practicing, and refining how to negotiate with listing agents as well as sellers (when dealing with a for sale by owner). This is so we are ready for any type of negotiating needed because price is not always the most important … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Are you getting ready to sell your house? Or maybe just thinking about, and wondering what you would need to do to get it ready for the market? Below are some steps to follow. These are the steps that the Sue Prins Group goes over for each of our potential sellers/listings. These steps help to make your home the best it can be,  in order to sell at the highest price. Meet with Realtor: Your first step is to meet with your Realtor, or if you don't have one call us. You will want to do this first because you want to find out what your home will sell for in the current market. Before spending time and money on the steps below De-clutter: Remove any and all unnecessary Knick-Knack items and all family pictures. We like a little decor, but not too much. You want the buyer to be able to visualize themselves and there things in your home. The less clutter in the home, the bigger the room looks. The buyers will then focus their attention to the room size and flooring instead of looking … [Read more...]

Tuesday Tips: Walking Through an Open House


It's open house season! Summer is filled with open houses every weekend. When Realtors walk through a home there are many things we are looking for to help our buyers make a well informed decision about the home they may want to purchase. Many home buyers tour open houses without a Realtor. Its OK to do this of course, but you should have a Realtor tour the home with you if you should decide you may want to write an offer on the home. A savvy Realtor will know what questions to ask, what things to look for, to research, and/ or negotiate. If you are going through open houses without a Realtor you may want to consider some of these important tips while touring the home. Structure and Mechanical s: There are 3 features in the home that will most likely be the most expensive fixes/repairs. These are the roof, furnace, and windows. So make sure to check all of these to see if they have been replaced or ask the host of the open house if he/she knows the ages of … [Read more...]