Finding the Right Home in a Buyer’s Market

In Real Estate there are a variety of needs to be met. Whether we are working with an entrepreneurial investor, empty nesters looking to downsize, or completing a short sale, as real estate agents, we need to be conscious of all options for and motivations of our clients.  First time buyers fall into their own category and bring with them their own unique needs when it comes to real estate.

Recently I had the pleasure of working with a young engaged couple on finding their first new home.  The phrase came to mind, “Home is where your story begins”….  and with the abundance of homes available in this buyer’s market, this couple could choose any number of settings to host their fairytale.

Choice is a good thing, but can be overwhelming. Offering a very personal approach and paying close attention to detail allows me to put things into perspective for each individual buyer.  In this case  I proposed the mindset of choosing a new home in much the way they chose each other…..  or in the way she would choose her wedding dress for their big day.   Maybe it was my years of life experience…. or maybe I was caught up in the emotion and excitement…. in either case, with so many affordable homes on the market, no one out there looking for a home should have to settle for anything other than the “perfect fit”.

They needed to have that “perfect fit” moment reflecting their long awaited dreams coming true, feelings of comfort and identity, their excitement and anticipation of beginning a new life together.  With that expectation in mind, the selection process took on a whole new meaning for them….  a light bulb went off and perspective was gained!

A bride-to-be would know that “perfect fit” when she saw that perfect dress to wear on her wedding day. Finding that perfect home should feel the same way…..  and it did.   This couple found their “perfect fit” that day. After touring many listings, they finally stood in the home of their choice and lovingly referred to it as their “wedding dress house” .


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