Tuesday Tips: 6 Ways to Give Your Home Better Curb Appeal


Is the outside of your home looking a little tired? Are you feeling like it needs a change or a face lift? Our team has come up with several ways to make your home stand out and have more curb appeal.  These changes can easily be done on a budget!

  1. Paint the front door, trim, and shutters: When picking out a new paint color for your door, GO BOLD! This makes your house “pop” and can really change the look of your whole house. But make sure that the color you choose matches your home and are of the same color scheme.  Liven up the color of your trim & shutters with either going light to dark, or possibly from dark to light.  Hint: talk to your local paint store professionals to discover what colors are “in” right now.
  2. Install new house numbers: A unique way to jazz up your house numbers is to mount them on a wood board, or metal sheet before installing them on your home. If there is extra room you can even add something like a small floral or greenery planter box under it. *example below*
  3. Add plants and trees: Landscaping is important because it brings in some natural character.  Add in plants with different heights such as a taller shrub or tree, along with smaller plants and ground cover. Wood chips also bring in some great texture as well as making the landscaping pop (especially darker wood chips).
  4. Change outdoor light fixtures: Switch out your light fixtures by either painting them (if you can) or purchasing a more modern/updated fixture. You can find great ones at Menards that are inexpensive. *example below*
  5. Porch decor: Here is a list of easy and fun decor you can add to your porch: Flowers in pots or decorative boxes, welcome signs, fun chairs or rockers, lanterns with battery powered candles or lights, and seasonal decor such as pumpkins or Christmas lights. Pinterest is always a great way to get inspired.
  6. Upgrade your mailbox: This one may seem odd to you however it can make a difference. Whether it’s a brand new mailbox,  a fresh coat of paint, or adding  a flower box,  it can be an eye catcher as people drive by your home (great curb appeal!)

Small exterior changes can really alter the look of your home.  Changes don’t have to be expensive to pack a punch. Small amounts of paint, a couple of plants, or inexpensive new house numbers will add a new look and a fresh feeling of change to the outside of your home! It’s fun to come home after a long day of work to a sharp looking home!

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