Tuesday Tips-6 Ways to Prepare the Inside of Your Home for Fall


It’s that time of year again, many of you don’t want to admit it, but it’s getting colder and Winter is just around the corner. This means we need to get the inside of our houses ready for the change of seasons. Below are some tips to help you get ready:

1.  Change furnace filters: Best practice is every 3 months.
2.  Winterize A/C: The best way to do this is a tarp over the unit and place board that’s the size diameter of the unit on top of it to protect it from falling branches or icicles.
3.  Program thermostat:  Change your settings to accommodate the cooler weather.
4.  Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors:  Make sure your batteries are newer and the units are properly working.
5.  Clean humidifiers: Make sure your humidifiers are clean & working with new filters.
6.  Change screens to storm windows. Now with the cooler weather, put up those storm windows to conserve energy!
We hope these tips keep you safe this Fall and Winter season, and hopefully it helps you save some energy! Enjoy this wonderful weather!
Post written by: Lisa TenBrink and Ginger Herman

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