Tuesday Tips: Getting Your Home Ready to Sell


Are you getting ready to sell your house? Or maybe just thinking about, and wondering what you would need to do to get it ready for the market? Below are some steps to follow. These are the steps that the Sue Prins Group goes over for each of our potential sellers/listings. These steps help to make your home the best it can be,  in order to sell at the highest price.

Meet with Realtor: Your first step is to meet with your Realtor, or if you don’t have one call us. You will want to do this first because you want to find out what your home will sell for in the current market. Before spending time and money on the steps below

De-clutter: Remove any and all unnecessary Knick-Knack items and all family pictures. We like a little decor, but not too much. You want the buyer to be able to visualize themselves and there things in your home. The less clutter in the home, the bigger the room looks. The buyers will then focus their attention to the room size and flooring instead of looking at all your pictures and decor.

Clean: Deep clean your home. When a buyer walks through a home that is very clean, it gives the impression that the seller takes care of their home. They want a home that they seller takes care of because this shows they didn’t neglect the home. When sellers neglect their home, they will expect issues (electric, heating, plumbing).

Limit furniture: Try to limit the number of chairs, couches, end tables, dressers, etc in each room. The less furniture, the bigger the room looks. Space is important to buyers, so the bigger we can make the room the better! This also helps the buyer visualize their furniture being in the room, or the potential for space to entertain.

Curb Appeal: The folks driving by your home, will often judge your home by the outside, so clean it up a bit. Remove any debris, or crazy wild weeds, move the trash dumpster to inside the garage or behind the house, add some flower baskets, and get it looking cute! This will bring many more people through your house with a great exterior.

Updates: Was your home built in the 60’s and nothing has changed? Probably time for some updates then! However, don’t go overboard because you want to be able to get the money back that you put into it. Some easy fixes are replacing hardware in the kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Change out the old brass knobs and put some cool modern stainless Steele handles or rubbed oil bronze works well if the hinges are brass. Same goes for the faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms, replace them with something in style right now. Another cheap update is paint. Grey is a big color right now, so if you have a vibrant orange, it may be the perfect time to paint. Lastly, light fixtures! Updated light fixtures really change the entire room, you would be surprised! And it’s perfect because you can find some awesome inexpensive fixtures at Lowes, Home Depot or Menards.


It really helps to have the Sue Prins Group walk through your home before (when you are getting ready to list  your home) and also after you have done the suggested fixes. We work with builders, designers, and artists on a daily basis, so we have a keen eye for what  buyers like and what looks best in your home as an update. Remember, we are not trying to hurt anyone’s feeling when we tell them to remove their unicorn figurines, we are trying to help you sell your home. We are honest, but that is what our clients deserve as we work to serve them to the best of our ability. Call us today with questions or concerns

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