Tuesday Tips: Remodel or Relocate?


The Sue Prins Group had a booth at the Grand Rapids Remodeling and New Homes Show last weekend and our goal was to help people with a big question that many homeowners have –  Remodel or Relocate?

Are you debating this dilemma yourself? Well we can help you!

First: We would ask the question, what you like or don’t you like about your home?  Some of the negatives can be changed by remodeling and renovating. Some changes may be too expensive to make, or ones that you cannot change (location). If you can make your home better by remodeling, we like to help you research and obtain estimates of how much the changes would cost, and if they will make sense for you financially.

Second: We conduct a market analysis on your home. We can look at how much your home would sell at it’s current state, and then how much you could sell your home with the new renovations. This will help guide you as to not go overboard on cost with any renovations. If you have decided that relocating is better for you or your family, then a market analysis will help us establish how much you will be able to put towards your next home. We can then search the market for what type of homes are for sale in your price range.

Important: We are not here to tell you one way is better than the other, we just want to help you make the BEST decision. Our team truly cares about the people we work with.

Check This Out! We talked about this topic with Rachel from Wood Tv eightWest. Click here to watch!

If you or someone you know is needing some advice and help with a big decision such as remodeling in their home, or possibly relocating, please let us know how we can help! Call us today at 616-723-2400


Written by Ginger Herman & Sue Prins